Streamline your operations and improve your bottom line with Brytebuild’s powerful features.

Step-by-step visual work instructions

With Brytebuild, you can create visual work instructions for each item. This means that your team members can quickly and easily follow detailed instructions for each job, reducing errors and improving efficiency.

Staff management system

Brytebuild provides a comprehensive staff management system, with complete control over scheduling, allowing you to assign specific jobs to team members, set start/end dates and track progress. You can also create custom roles and permissions for each team member to ensure that they have access only to the appropriate tools and information.

Warehouse Management System

Brytebuild's warehouse management system enables you to manage multiple warehouses, track inventory, and control stock. With features like picking accuracy, inventory accuracy, and out-of-stock alerts, you can stay on top of your inventory and optimize your warehouse operations.

Detailed insights

With Brytebuild, you can get detailed insights into your entire business, including production processes, warehouse processes, and general statistics like items sold and turnover frequency. You can use this information to identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions for your business.

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Features for production


Workforce instructions

Create comprehensive visual work instruction sets using our bespoke stepflow system. With a simple click of a button, users can seamlessly go through each step of the guide, complete with text, images and videos for detailed explanations. Options are available for each step, allowing the user to create a custom route as desired. Say goodbye to confusing and disjointed instructions, and hello to a clear and efficient workflow.



Are you looking for a comprehensive and connected scheduling management system? Look no further, easily manage your production and training schedules with our user-friendly scheduling system. Group or individual users can join assigned schedules and receive detailed information about the job, including the customer, start and end times, and required items with quantities. Our system also allows for the assignment of specific work instructions for each item in a job, ensuring that users are following the required steps to create the necessary items. With our scheduling system, managing production and training schedules has never been easier.


Quality control

Brytebuild introduces a streamlined Quality Control system, designed to uphold the highest standards of manufacturing excellence. Define precise quality checks for each product or process through easy-to-set measurements, text inputs, or pass/fail options. This system integrates seamlessly into your workflow, enabling quality checks at critical stages of production, purchase, and delivery. Each quality control check captures detailed outcomes, ensuring every product not only meets but exceeds quality expectations. Embrace a new era of manufacturing precision with Brytebuild, where quality control is not just a process, but a guarantee.


Tracking production progress

Track the progress of production using our advanced tracking system. Get real-time updates on your production schedules, monitor the completion of each task, and receive instant reports on any issues that may arise. With our stepflow system, you can easily track the progress of each step in the process and ensure that everything is running smoothly. Stay on top of your production timelines and make informed decisions with our comprehensive production tracking feature.

Document Blue

Document control

Document control allows you to easily manage and keep track of all your guides and instructions in one secure place. Each item and guide is version-controlled, ensuring that the knowledge of the exact guides used to create it is retained. You won’t have to worry about applying changes in many places as you can instantly make them online and in one place. This feature ensures that your documentation is always up to date and easily accessible.

Features for warehouse

Warehouse Figma

Warehouse designer/viewer

Revolutionise your warehouse layout with Indifo’s 2D and 3D warehouse designer. With our intuitive drag-and-drop interface, you can easily design your warehouse with components like storage racks and shelves, and use it to locate and track your inventory. Our bespoke software is tailored to your needs, providing a customized solution that enhances your warehouse management.


Item history

Track the complete history of your items with our advanced Item History feature. Get detailed information on who checked in the item, the building process, quality control, and initial quantity upon arrival. Additionally, keep track of the procedures followed to create the item and any other relevant details for easy reference.


Barcode tracking

Efficient barcode tracking: Assign, track, and locate items with ease using our barcode tracking system. Scan barcodes to obtain detailed item history and track their location within the warehouse. Works on any device with a camera.


Goods in to goods out

Efficiently manage your warehouse with our goods in and goods out feature. Easily collect items for a job with our picking system, and prepare them for dispatch using our packing feature. With our warehouse management system, you can seamlessly track and manage the movement of items in and out of your warehouse, improving your overall productivity and efficiency.


Bill of materials

Keep track of the ingredients that make up each item or assembly with our Bill of Materials feature. Easily manage stock for each component and ensure accurate inventory control.


Stock control

Easily manage inventory levels and keep track of stock with our stock control feature. Use goods in to add items to the warehouse and goods out to take items out of stock. Conduct stock takes to ensure accurate inventory levels, and manually adjust stock as needed. Additionally, the system allows users to keep separate stock records for different versions of items, such as “A-stock” and “B-stock”.



  • Manage supplier and shipper information, including contacts, types, and the items they supply or ship to your company.
  • Track transactions and orders made with each supplier/shipper.


Manage multiple warehouses with separate inventory tracking and easy transfer of contents between them.

Features for management


Detailed statistics

Indifo provides comprehensive and detailed statistics for every department, giving users a clear overview of their entire business in one place. From tracking production processes to warehouse operations, and general statistics such as items sold and turnover frequency, users can gain valuable insights into their business performance. Users can access detailed information on inventory accuracy, on-time shipping, shrinkage, order lead time, and more, making it easier to identify areas for improvement and optimize their business operations.


Schedule manager

Easily manage all your schedules in one place with the Schedule Manager feature. Create scheduled jobs and assign users or groups to each specific job, with the ability to give jobs types such as training or production for clear communication. Jobs can be created as part of sales orders or as stand-alone tasks such as trainings or small batch production for stock.
With Schedule Manager, you can efficiently manage your staff and assign them jobs based on start and end times, customer information, and specific item requirements. Plus, you can ensure quality and consistency by specifying which guides need to be followed for each job.


Custom permissions

With Brytebuild’s Custom Permissions, you can set granular permissions for each team member. Choose who can edit procedures, perform goods in, and more. Assign preset roles or create your own to control access. You can easily adjust each team member’s access as needed. Manage your team members and their permissions all in one place.


Sales orders

Create and manage linked sets of picking, scheduled jobs, packing, and goods out for each sales order. Keep track of who each job is for and which products are being sold. Simplify your sales order process and stay organized with Indifo.


Issues resolution

Easily report issues at any stage of the production or warehouse process, and the management department can quickly review and resolve them. Get a comprehensive overview of all reported issues, including the details surrounding each one, to facilitate efficient resolution. With Indifo, you can streamline your issue resolution process and minimize the impact of any problems that arise.


Customer management

With Brytebuild’s Customer management feature, you can easily add new customers, edit their information, and keep track of all the products and jobs completed for each customer. Whether it’s repairs, sales, or other types of jobs, you can easily view and track what was performed and which guides were followed. This feature allows you to manage your customer relationships effectively and keep your records organized.



With Brytebuild, users can manage multiple warehouses and keep track of inventory levels, ensuring accurate stock control. They can also get detailed statistics on picking accuracy, inventory accuracy, and out-of-stock items, providing valuable insights into their operations.


Stock control

Easily manage your inventory with our stock control system. Categorize items as A-stock, B-stock, or for repairs. Keep track of different versions and variations of each item. You can also manage item guides and instructions to ensure consistency and accuracy in your inventory management.

All Essential Features

Guide only
Interactive stepflow guides
Item management
BOM ( Bill of Materials ) management
Custom user roles & permissions
Work order scheduling & management
Advanced reporting & analytics
Lead time & repair tracking
Issue reporting & resolution
Sales order creation & tracking
Automated workflows & approvals
Customer history & contact details
Supplier management
Efficient shipping management
Dedicated customer support
On-premises deployment option
Warehouse management add on
Guide Only
Real-time inventory tracking
Barcode scanning & management
Warehouse Designer/Viewer
Multi-warehouse support & transfers
Cycle counting & inventory audits
Shipping management
End-to-end sales order tracking

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